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Making Beds


While a carpenter can craft a bed in UO for your house, they are inert and unable to be laid on or even sat on.  Why have that when you can make your own bed so that you may jump in any time and that has many more ‘rp’ possibilities lol.  Just being able to log out in comfort is nice! The above beds are all ‘made’ from easily obtainable items, either purchased cloth, fished up pillows, crafted thrones and benches, etc, very little expense.

In the picture above, the first two beds are a ‘his and hers’ style, one more masculine in color in tans, greens and blacks, the other in  more subtle pinks. Both are taken in a KR legacy view screenshot, while the third is a bed taken in 2d. Try some interesting color schemes on the curtains and ‘bedspreads’ and use contrasting colors for the pillows. Try to stick to colors that ‘blend’ well together, even if they are totally different colors, sometimes just a shade lighter or darker can make a huge difference to the overall ‘look’. Remember to accessorise your bed, throw pillows, hats, whips for those inclined *grins*, or perhaps just a stuffy!

How to Construct



Four Poster Curtain Beds

Room needed: BED 3 tiles wide x 4 tiles long, allow 5 wide x 5 long to construct.

Pic 1: Where the actual bed will be placed.

Pic 2: Red crosses indicate where the curtains will need to be targeted to place correctly. It may be easier to place the north and west curtains at this time to avoid problems targeting under the material later. In this instance I have not placed due to demonstration purposes.

Pic 3: Shows tile positioning of the 3 thrones (maybe locked down at this stage), and 3 long pillows. Royal blue gozas  are just placed to show pillow placement on the grey tile.

Pic 4 : Shows tile positioning of the 5 square pillows.

Pic 5: Shows tile positioning of the bed decoration pillows, what decorations you place on your bed is up to you! You may prefer a hat, dress, or a stuffy bear!

Pic 6 & 7: Show the actual ‘construction phase’.   Start construction on the west side of the bed to allow easy accessing for locking and lifting.  I use the ‘Trash Barrel” method to construct.  Place a trash barrel on the tile where the items are to be placed.  Place the ‘topmost’ item to be viewed in first and the lowest item in last.  So in order as shown, 1 piece pale blue cloth, 2 x yellow cloth, 2 x pale blue cloth, 2 x dark blue cloth, yellow square pillow.  Once they are in the trash barrel, ‘chop’ the barrel and they will land on the floor in the order they need locking and lifting.  Figure 7 shows how they will ‘rise’ when locked and lifted on the front corner of the bed.

Pic 8: work your way tile by tile from the north west corner to the south east corner. Deco pillows go into the bin ‘first’ the yellow square pillows where used go ‘last’ the material for the bedspread lies in the middle.  I generally place all the items by bin first then go back around and lock and lift.  However you may prefer to raise each pile as placed.

Pic 9: The completed bed.

Pic 10: add the curtains by targeting the tiles indicated in pic 2. If you didn’t place the north and west curtain at the beginning you may find it easier to stand on the tile that needs to be targeted, place a trash barrel which will go ‘under’ the cloth or throne, hold down ‘ctrl-shift’, double click the curtains and target the ‘trash barrel’ when the object handles appear. This will place the curtains on that tile without the ‘need’ to actually ‘see’ the floor to target.  Hold ‘ctrl-shift’ again and target the trash barrel object handle with your axe to remove the bin.

Pic 11, 12 & 13: The same bed viewed with three different curtain colors. Note how a different look can be gained with just a simple dye tub. A footlocker at the end of the bed is just one accessory you can add to individualise your bed.

Pic 14 (KR legacy view) & 15 (2d view):  Don’t have any curtains? Well instead of curtains make a bedhead.  The above bedhead is made using 4 benches and 4 red armoires dyed with a furniture dye tub to compliment the bed color scheme. The ‘x’ indicates where you start the bedhead with a wooden bench & 2 armoires on the east side, then a throne and bench on the next three tiles to the west, ending with 2 armoires on the west edge. Lock and lift to the desired height, remembering if you wish to ‘sit’ in the bed (on the throne) to raise them higher than your head!

Pic 16, 17 (KR legacy view) & 18 (2d view): show a combination curtain/headboard.  These are a mix and match between both styles.  The choice is up to you which you prefer. If you construct and find you don’t ‘like’ the colors you picked, or just wish for a change of deco at some time, unlocking any cloth will allow it to be ‘re-dyed’ any color you like without the need to remove it from place, furniture such as benches will dye on the spot locked down.  For demonstration I dyed the top ‘blue’ piece of cloth a plumb color and changed the timber and curtain/pillow colors for a ‘new look’ on the same bed. Don’t forget to relock down the materials if you unlock them to re-dye.


Last modified: March 26, 2011

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