Construct a Piano

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Construct a Piano


What you need:

Piano Seats Decoration (optional)
4 black goza mats (2 south, 2 east) to match the placement above
2 regular crafted cloaks, dyed black
1 pre aos cloak (lies the opposite way, dyed black) **
1 fancy shirt, dyed black
13 balls of yarn, dyed black
2 Chessboards
2 Wooden Benches
2 Bedrolls (place and lift a few times until they lie the correct way)
Rose in Vase

Other: music stands, instruments etc

To Make:

a) Place the gozas as show in the graphic above.
b) On the tiles marked X place single balls of yarn in stacks, the southern stacks have 5 each, the northern stack has 3. Lock down & raise the upper balls by 2 places, and the lowest ball by 1 place with the deco tool, to give you a slight indent on the bottom of the ‘leg’.
c) on the tile marked 1 place the fancy shirt, lock down.
d) on the tile marked 2 place a chessboard, a regular cloak, and the candelabra, lock down. Raise the cloak until it aligns with the fancy shirt, raise the chessboard til it looks as shown above, raise the candelabra to sit on top.
e) on the tile marked 3 place the pre aos cloak, lock down. Raise until it aligns with the fancy shirt.
f) on the tile marked 4 place the other chessboard and regular cloak, lock down. Raise as per the other chessboard and cloak.
g) on the tile marked 5 place the tamborine, lock down. Raise to maximum height.
h) on the tile marked 6 place the rose in vase, lock down. Raise to maximum height.
i) on the tiles marked 7 place your wooden bench and bedroll (1 each on both tiles), lock down. Raise the bedrolls to sit nicely on the benches.

Decorate around your piano with music stands etc to ‘add’ to the theme if desired.** if you do not have or cannot obtain a pre aos clock (generally has some kind of charges on like spell reflection, invis etc) then you will need to have an additional normal crafted cloak and a hakama-shita (SE shirt).  Just place these on tile 3 and raise until they look ok and align with the fancy shirt. You can get away with just the additional cloak if you wish. You can mask any ‘rough’ edges with deco.


Last modified: March 26, 2011

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