Holiday Season Contest

November 08, 2012 By: Frarc Category: General News

Holiday Season Contest

          Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2012 Nov 08 22:01 -0500 GMT        

It’s the time of the year that everyone gets creative and decorates their homes to reflect their feelings of the holidays.  UO would like to announce a Holiday House Decorating Contest.  Petra from stratics has been kind enough to help out with gathering and setting up the voting page for the contest.  There will be 10 winners total and you as the players will help pick the winners.  The rewards will be a special hued talking Snowman and the top voted design will have their house go down in the history of UO by making it a mini house that will be available next year.  This time you guys are the judges!

Rules 1 entry per account 10 winners total Submit pictures to [email protected] Submissions close December 5th, 2012 and Voting closes December 15th, 2012 All entries must have a character name, shard, facet and location All pictures submitted must be in jpg format
We look forward to seeing your creative decorations!

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4 Comments to “Holiday Season Contest”

  1. Are all recipients emailed a confirmation? I sent an email of some images, but have not seen a confirmation yet.

  2. Shayla Kinslayer says:

    Where do you vote for this contest and I submitted my house. Was i supposed to get some kind of confirmation?

    • Your entry was received by me 9.58pm UK time on 14th November. I replied acknowledging receipt of your entry 7.37am UK time 15th November. Voting will begin when submissions close on 5th December. I believe that people cannot vote for the best entry until all entries have been received to be seen.