HoC 12/16/12

December 17, 2012 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

     Citizens of Chesapeake gathered last eve at what would be our final meeting with EM Drosslemeyer for 2012. Reminising on the year gone by, Drosslemeyer reminded us of our many victories throughout the year as well as lingering defeats and work left to be done in the coming months. It was a year of great events, grand plots, ascensions to the throne and good friends saying goodbye.

      Announcements were to fllow as Dross reminded those in attendance that the months fishing tourney was still well underway with weighins and fish count to take place on Jan. 1st. The months fish are the Abysmal Dragonfish and the Black Marlin. Tuesday 12/18/12 at 7pm the Sosarian Solsctice Fair would open its doors once again to patrons. The window of opportunity to enter will be short however with Drosselmeyer advising those in attendance no one would be granted entry after 7:10pm est. 

      January will bring the shard a new EM to join the team as Drosselmeyer speaks highly of the incoming moderator and looks forward to his creativity and help in future events. Also noted was the earlier timeframe from which the new em will likely base events beginning at 7pm est for most events. The schedule will be picking up in his own words!

      Q&A soon followed with assurances from EM Drosselmeyer that the townships still awaiting healers huts would be on the agenda for  January. There are still several who have long since completed the requirements and have yet to see construction begin. We were also informed that there would be no snowfall in Sosaria this season as coding prevents the implemtation due to lag concerns. The season just won’t be the same without it!

     The weekly HoC’s are set to resume on January 6th and as Drosselmeyer sent everyone on thier merry way he wished us all a Happy Holidays!

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