Has Britain Already Been Lost?

April 09, 2012 By: El of LA Category: Lake Austin News

I received this letter from Missy of O*T regarding the recent occurrences in the City of Britain. I felt it important enough to pass on:


Dear friends,

I write this message gravely concerned.  After noting a significant rise over the last months in the dissatisfaction of the populace of our world this trouble has carried all the way to my home town, Britain.  Lately, we have seen rioters in the streets and shops and many more residents so angry that they cry out from their suffering and pain.



Granted, the economy of our fair shard has certainly suffered in recent years and many companies have fled to greener pastures and even to walled cities where citizens have more money to spend on their wares, but still we have had a life rich in beauty and filled with the variety and spice of a vibrant city with vibrant residents!  Now I fear all this wealth and grandeur is in peril from the fire, looting, and destruction let loose in our common areas.  I hear and see the plight of these poorest and most beleaguered of our citizens who are not only crying out for help but venting their anger and despair in fire and violent rebellion!  The gates of  Lord British’ castle have been closed and secured.  Why, I was not even allowed in to return lost jewelry to her ladyship, Regina, within the walls!


In fact, the tale worsens.  When I went to check on the rest of the city of Britain after the attack, the bridge to Lord Blackthorn’s castle, always a bastion of mystery to me, had been blown to smithereens and was inaccessible!   I mourned the family duties that had kept me from the city as this tragedy occurred.  I did my part however, supporting the fighters and bringing down more than one raider myself that night!


As I toured the town after this terrible and bloody battle, I found the kegs blocking portions of the streets of the city immovable and rooted in place.  Also, to my great distress, the portion of “Suspension Bridge” I found being carried on one dead raider I won against was itself so firmly planted that I was unable to carry it away for any effort at reconstruction despite frantic efforts to do so, and nearly at the cost of my very life!  Oh the stories I could share of the brave efforts and sacrifices of that violent and sad evening!  The warriors and residents of Britain put up a brave and valiant fight against the forces of chaos and destruction!



I have lost sleep over this my friends and I have an ever-growing concern for the very existence of Britain.  Is all in jeopardy?  Have we lost before we even realized what the fight was or how completely we have been infiltrated by the enemy?  Who is engineering our fates and manipulating our lives and from what turreted heights is it being done?


Other towns in our world are in peril.  Even the well defended and prosperous City of Vesper is so tightly guarded one cannot take more than a few steps without running into heavily armed guards patrolling the perimeters and village streets.  Guards and rebels are filling the pubs and shops.  We must all be on the lookout for further events that may prove heart-rending to many I fear.


Residents of Lake Austin take heed!  Remember King British!  Remember Queen Dawn!  Honor their memories and fight for truth, and Justice for all in an Honorable fashion.  Have Compassion for those of us who through no fault of their own have fallen on hard times and reach out in despair to you as you pass by!  Remember with Humility that you, yourself, could easily be in their shoes!  Sacrifice for your fellow citizens and let the light of your Spirituality shine out to help those in need and fight against Chaos and the forces of evil!  Let Honesty show you a path that, with Valor, you can travel in order to save our beloved lands from the peril it faces!


Missy, Guildmistress, Order of Truth LA (O*T)
Member of the Royal Britannian Guard

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