Hall Of Players – New Location

September 23, 2012 By: Kylie Kinslayer Category: Atlantic News



The Hall Of Players has moved to Malas, 40nx24w, on the road south out of Luna, across from the Brigands Camp. The Hall can be reached by house teleporter from the Blue Crane Portal (see picture on the more information link below). There is also a rune to the Hall atop the green chest out front at the Book Store.

The move allowed us to rearrange exhibits in a less cluttered-looking display. (The old Hall was beginning to look like a warehouse for storing stolen goods). So we now have more room for new exhibits.

If you want your character to be exhibited in the Hall Of Players, drop item(s) with the character’s name on them &/or a book about your character into the mailbox. We’ll make your exhibit and enter your character into the Book Of Names.

The Roof is reserved for exhibits honoring Ultima Online players who have died in real life, although names of those honoring the dead may also be listed as appearing on the Roof.

We welcome players from all shards.

Join us and you’ll be joining an illustrious group. The BOOK OF NAMES is at the entrance, “…being a List of all Characters Named in the Hall Of Players and their Location by Floor.”



If you wish to get more information, join us here: Hall of Players has moved

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