Guardians Gate Auction

December 09, 2011 By: Tertius Wands Category: Chesapeake News

Guardians Gate                                                                                                                                   December 3, 2012

Another Saturday another action in Guardians Gate and another chance to see just how our economy is doing. This was a much shorter auction then have been occurring recently running from 9:06pm to 10:57pm. After early indications of real negative growth in our economy it would appear that some areas are showing remarkable growth. Decorative items for the home were down with a normal favorite an Archdemon Statue could not muster one bid at its starting price of 10 million gold. Forged pardons also seem to have dramatically dropped in price with the one up for sale not getting any interest with its starting price of 600,000 gold. Anniversary tickets that have been such a hot item in recent weeks also have seemed to drop with a lot of 4 going to Abby Normal of UFO for a mere 650,000 gold. Where the market has really taken off is consumables and power scrolls. 70 Abyssal Cloth went for 1 million after a bidding war that saw the price shoot up. A lot of 50 Seeds of Renewal rocketed up after a major bidding war. A Legendary Scroll of Peacemaking also drew hot attention. This combined with a sale of 4 Soul Stone Fragment Tokens to Burned for 5.5 showed real interest in these areas. Messages in Bottles also sold quickly but without much fanfare. The real interesting lot of the night was a Charger of the Fallen that went for 4.2 million gold. All these items suggest new armor and new faces gearing up to head out into the wilds of Sosaria, and that is around the best economic news one can hope for. By Tertius Wands

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