Governor and Duchess of New Magincia Has Her Claws Out !

September 24, 2013 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

Governor and Duchess of New Magincia Has Her Claws Out !


bobble heads


Last night Miss Kitty spoke to a small group in the beautiful city of forever Spring, Zento.

Wrapped in a deep green Conjurer’s Robe with a two toned purple tangle worn tightly to show off her trim waistline the Governor projected great distress and concern for her city. As we all  know the history of Magincia has been a tragic one with much death and destruction with delayed then finally a rebuild. The honorable Miss Kitty claims citizens are moving once again away from her city and addressed the issue at the Governors meeting last week.

Often when one gets a room full of politicians the air steams with emotion and the fur flies, in this case cat fur!  To read the entire transcript of the meeting there is a post on the Great Lakes boards with the minutes.

Though several governors voiced concerned with issues, like having to wait six months or longer for a banner, it was Miss Kitty that asked the hard and often annoying questions. This put many people including the King in uncomfortable positions.

At last nights gathering Miss Kitty looked directly at me and said, ” Lady Lava, the people sitting at that meeting were nothing but a bunch of bobble heads and you can please quote me on that. ”  Miss Kitty went on to explain to the crowd that she had hoped governors could make real changes in the game but the fact is it is nothing but a bunch of people roleplaying and no resolves get made and the King has no power over the Devs. Mesanna has the real power and she is a very busy gal.

On the topic of roleplay, I have always been a fan of it. Great Lakes has a deep and long history of RP and frankly there is not enough of it these days. Our EMs have helped keep it alive. As the wise Martyna Z’muir says, ” Great Lakes EMs have done an event per week for four years now. They have done more on this shard than most other shards combined “.

Maybe Miss Kitty has shed some light on this position of governor which may help future applicants. Regardless you can bet the next meeting the fur will fly again, her claws will be out and everyone will be in danger of getting cat scratch fever!








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