“Ghosts of Tokuno” 2/22/12

February 25, 2012 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

  Seafaring adventurers gathered at Trinsics’ Sons of the Sea this past Wedsnesday night for the weighins of the month long fishing tournament held here on Chesapeake. Players had an entire month to land the largest of three species of fish in hopes of being named the events winner. The weighin drew quite the crowd as onlookers anxiously awaited the final tally from Santiago.

  Two anglers proved competetive this month as Orin outweighed the feild this month with a 174 stone Dungeon Pike and Mace McElroy landing top honors in two respective categories with a 161 stone Giant Samurai fish as well as 127 stone Spring Dragon Fish. Congratulations to both Anglers! Thier catches will soon be mounted and hung in the shard reward hall.

  After the fun and fanfaire, ships would soon embark on a journey to Tokuno waters, in search of three pirate vessels rumored to be causing havoc. One by one they would all be hunted down as ships from near and far aided in the destruction of the dubious pirate ships and thier crew. Rumored to be found were special deeds each ship carried in it’s hold.

  Thanks to Santiago and the Sons of the Sea for thier continued dedication to the angling community. Continued tournaments are definately enjoyed by the angling crowd and we all hope to see more in the near future.




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