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Ultima Online Stratics: The Second Age
Introduction to the Second Age expansion set

UO: The Second Age Ultima Online: The Second Age is an updated version of Ultima Online. Within the UOSS: T2A site, we will refer to the ‘old’ Ultima Online as UO and to the updated version as T2A. T2A stands for “The Second Age”.

T2A Versions

Existing UO players can buy T2A as an upgrade for UO. It costs US$6.99 in US and Canada and US$12.99 in all other countries except Japan. New UO players can buy T2A as a full retail version. This costs an amount comparable to other full ORIGIN releases. There are no additional monthly fees for the T2A version.

T2A Features

T2A gives players the following new features:

  • New landmass with cities and dungeons
  • New animals and monsters
  • Enhanced user interface
    • Big Window, will allow you to drag interface windows off of your play area (Now also available to UO players)
    • More fonts and enhanced character set with diacritical marks from other languages.
    • Profile feature, allows roleplayers to enter a description of their character visible to all
    • Pop-up Help, gives help text when the mouse hovers over an object
    • Enhanced settings interface, no more editing of uo.cfg by hand needed
  • New in-game Chat system, similar to IRC but easier to use
  • Translation between English, French, German and Japanese text
  • New playguide and map
  • UO Demo which can be played solo without being connected to an UO server

In order to learn more about the Lost lands, use the menu to your left.

Last modified: March 29, 2011

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