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Lord Blackthorne’s Revenge: Beginnings
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We are proud to present, in this section of our site, the prequel fiction that is at the heart of, Ultima Online™: Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge. Visit us here to get the latest news on the darkness winding its way through the land of Sosaria. You will want to stay close to the latest attempts by Lord Blackthorn and his unholy allies to conquer the virtuous of the land to satisfy his own lust for power. Surely this tale of evil will compel you to rise up and come to the aid of all Britannians, but only if you dare to join us in the world of Ultima Online and face “Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge.”

To help us bring all of our fantastic creatures and events to life in true fantasy fiction worthy of Ultima Online, we engaged the help of Austen Andrews. Austen, a neighbor of ours here in Austin, Texas, is a second generation writer and SF fan. He spends his daylight hours as a computer programmer, and transforms at night into an author, illustrator, cartoonist, or roleplayer, depending on the fullness of the moon and the proximity of his deadlines. Recently, Austen authored the book “Machinations” for Pocket Books, the first in a trilogy of books based on the “Ultima” series of PC and online games.

The prequel fiction will tell the tale of the Meer and Juka, two warring races that were part of the world even before Britannia came to be. The Meer and Juka were once thriving races, but seemed destined to destroy each other due to their long-lasting enmity. Their conflict endured thousands of years, and yet no trace of them remains. Both the Meer and Juka will come to play important roles in the future of Britannia. But where did they come from, and where have they been all this time? Are they friends and allies of the Britannians, or do they bring evil and destruction in their path? Read on, esteemed traveler, and begin to unravel one of the most intricate mysteries and legends of our land.


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