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Interim Playguide: On the High Seas From documentation issued by Mythic September 2010

The Floating Emporium

Where is the Floating Emporium?

The Floating Emporium, or Sea Market, is located south of Moonglow and north of Fire Island (almost directly between the two). The sextant coordinates are roughly 62 degrees 24`S, 132 degrees 54`W. Here you will find NPC’s offering quests or selling their wares. Here also is where you may purchase the new ships.

A few important notes:

  • You must sail to the Emporium. You cannot mark runes while on the dock of the Sea Market but you can recall to your boat that is near the Sea Market.
  • There are no moongates to the Emporium.
  • You can buy new boats, paints and get unique quests here.

How do I obtain the fishing quests?

Once you have placed your ship in the water sail next to a dock where a Fish Monger is waiting. Fish Mongers can be found in several ports of call around Sosaria and the Lost Lands. Double click the Fish Monger and, once you accept the quest, he will place a crate in the hold of your ship. The crate will tell you what fish to catch and who to deliver them to. Once you’ve caught the desired fish, sail to the city referenced and talk to the Fish Monger there. He will take the crate from your ship and place a reward in your backpack.

The Floating Emporium
62º 24`S, 132º 54`W

The New Ships

There are three types of new ships available. The Tokuno and Gargoyle ships can be purchased in deed form only from the Shipwrights at the Sea Market. The Orc ship is obtained as a reward from the Bounty Hunter Quest.

  • How do I board my new ship?
    • Once you’ve placed the ship in the water, double click on any of the coiled ropes to board. When you wish to disembark, move your ship next to a shore or dock and double click the coiled rope to get off the ship
  • How do I grant access to my new ship to other players?
    • Left click once on the player you want to grant access to and choose “Grant Access” from the context menu. Note: Once a player has been granted access to your boat, they will be able to drive using the wheel. They will not be able to give commands to the Tillerman. However, once someone has taken the wheel, the Tillerman will not function until mouse driving mode is disabled.
  • How do I drive this boat?
    • Piloting your new vessel can be accomplished in one of two ways:
      • Speaking commands to the Tillerman (forward, back, etc.)
      • Double left-click on the ship’s wheel and you enter mouse diving mode, confirmed by the message ‘You are now piloting this vessel’. Maneuvering your ship is now as easy as moving your mouse.
      • To exit mouse driving mode, double left-click on yourself.
      • The ship’s owner can sieze the ships control from another passenger at any time.
  • Where do I get the boat paints and how do I use them?
    • Boat paints can be purchased from the Boat Painter at the Floating Emporium. The paints are a one use dye tub that can be used to dye your ship. To use the paints, double click the dye tub and then target the main mast of your ship. You can also purchase Boat Paint Remover from the Boat Painter NPC to remove a color you are unhappy with.
  • How do I get a rowboat and what do I use them for
    • You can purchase a rowboat deed from any of the Shipwrights at the Floating Emporium. Rowboats can be used even if you have a ship already in the water. They can be used to travel between your larger ship and land or the Emporium where the larger ship won’t fit. The rowboats are much slower and can only be controlled via mouse control using the tiller.
  • Dry Docking a Boat
    • You dry dock your boat via the pilot’s context menu


Arming Your Vessel ?

  • How do I build cannons?
    Cannons are craftable through the Blacksmithing menu and are available in light and heavy varieties. Ammunition is also craftable via this menu.

  • I’ve built a cannon, now what?

    Before you can take to the high seas and start broadsiding passing ships you’ll need a ramrod, a swab, ammunition, charges, a fuse chord and a match.

    • A ramrod and a swab can be crafted from boards and cloth via the tinkering menu.
    • Ammunition can be crafted from ingots and cloth via the blacksmithing menu.
    • Canon balls made from ingots
    • Grape shot made from ingots and cloth
    • Charges are made from blackpowder and cloth via the tailoring menu.
    • To craft blackpowder you will require the following:
      • Saltpeter, which can be purchased from the NPC Alchemist at the Floating Emporium
      • Charcoal, which can be crafted from boards via the cooking menu

      Blackpowder can then be crafted from saltpeter, charcoal, and sulfurous ash via the alchemy menu

    • Fuse chord can be crafted from blackpowder, a ball of yarn, and water (the water pitcher) via the alchemy menu
    • Matches are craftable from match chord and boards via the tinkering menu.
    • Match chord is craftable from saltpeter, yarn, and water (the water pitcher) via the alchemy menu.

  • I’ve got my cannons, ammunition, charges, fuses, and a match…now what?

    Once you’ve collected all the supplies you’ll need for your marauding adventure board your ship and use the cannon deed to place a cannon on the firing platform (it is a square area near the side wall of your vessel). Once the cannon is placed you will need to pack a charge.

    There two ways to operate your cannons:

    • Item Use:
      • Double click the ramrod and target the cannon, you will begin loading the charge.
      • If the cannon is dirty you must first clean it with the swab by double clicking the swab and targeting the cannon.
      • After the cannon is charged you must load your ammo by double clicking a cannon ball or grapeshot and targeting the cannon.
      • Once the ammo is loaded you need to prime the cannon with a fuse. Double click the fuse chord and target the cannon. Once your cannon is primed you are ready to fire!
      • To fire the cannon double click the match, which will light it (they do not last forever, so make sure you’ve got plenty!) and target the cannon. The cannon will fire unleashing it’s fury on whatever you are pointed at!
    • Menu Use:
      • Double-click the cannon to open the Cannon Control Menu.
      • You must have all needed tools and supplies in your backpack.
      • Use the buttons to clean, charge, load, and fire your cannon.
      • When loading the cannon you must target the ammunition to use.

      NOTE: After each shot your cannon will take damage, which you can repair with ingots by accessing the context menu of the cannon by single clicking it. You may also dismantle cannons and remove various components through this menu as well. Cannons must be clean before dismantling.

    • My boat is damaged! What do I do now?

      From time, through battles, your ship will take damage and need repairs. Ship repairs require cloth and boards (14 of each for every 1% of damage). Place the cloth and boards in your pack and board your boat. You can then right click on the Tillerman to access a context menu which will allow you to perform either emergency or permanent repairs. Emergency repairs can only be performed if your ship is more than 75% damaged and unable to sail. Permanent repairs can be made at any damage level, but your ship must be near shore or at the Sea Market.

    Ship Tracking

    Get on your boat and say Start Tracking, you will see arrows up to 5 different directions. Remember this tracks all boats, friend and foe. To stop tracking just say Stop Tracking. Note you must be within 200 tiles of another ship for tracking to work properly and tracking does not work on all ships.

    High Seas 2 new Boss Encounters


    What is Scalis and how do I summon him?

    Scalis is one of the new boss mob encounters in the High Seas Booster Pack. He is summoned by tossing a white fabled net into the water. When you toss a the net, you will either pull up sea serpents, kracken and leviathan or you will summon Scalis. If you summon Scalis, you can use the cannons on your ship to fight him as well as conventional methods. Beware, however, because Scalis will do damage to your ship as well as toss eels on board. Scalis will toss eels when ranged attacks are used on him from a distance so be careful.


    This encounter can be found on a floating island. You must go to Covetous to sacrifice a Treasure Map (this can be a used or unused one) and A World Map (this can be bought or crafted).

    After these two items are sacrificed you will be given a World Map with a location marked on it. Give the map to the ship pilot and he will guide you to your destination.  After you give the pilot the map for navigation make sure it stays in your backpack.

    Level 7 Treasure Maps

    Level 7 maps can be found in one of 3 locations. First being in Level 6 treasure chests, Second being on either of the two boss mobs and Third a chance it will be with the loot from the Pirate encounters.

    Housing and Bank Storage Increase

    This is an additional increase of 20% to both your house storage and bank storage.

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