End of an Era on Chesapeake

October 07, 2012 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


      The end of long, adventurous journey reached it’s end this past week here on Chesapeake as the shard said goodbye to it’s Elder Event Moderator EM Dudley after a four year trek of events, and happenings, and comraderie. Dudley joined the shard back in 2008. At this past Sundays HoC, Dudley said his goodbyes to the shard.


      Transversing the realm and bringing events of every variety to fruition, Dudley and his partners have worked very hard over the years as Chesapeake has been a forerunner in unique events from his onset. We’ve seen many events and landscapes that have simply blown our minds as well as static events and additions to the shard and even the entire realm from the Giant disco ball in the Luna fairgrounds to the construction of the Fortune’s Fire Casino. No event has been to grand or small for this trailblazer who departed the post to take an esteemed postion with Ultima Online as one of it’s newest members of the developement team!

    We will cherish the crazy and often colorful events and thier locations, the quirky and fun banter at the HoC, and are quite thankful for the time and dedication to the Chesapeake shard that Dudley has put forth. I’m sure I speak for everyone as we say “Thank You” for everything and “knock us dead” (literally of course) in the near future!


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