[EM / RP News] The Machine of Discord: Clash in Ver Lor Reg

May 23, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

The Machine of Discord: Clash in Ver Lor Reg

Tonight, Britannian mercenaries and hunters gathered at the behest of Callie, the Treasure Hunter some contend is responsible for the recent chaos in the Dark Core.

Led to the deserts of Ilshenar, adventurers encountered a land that was overrun with mechanical and technological abominations, including the aforementioned Exodus Minion Lord. They fought their way into the besieged metropolis to discover evacuations had begun, while Gargish sentinels were locked in a melee with Exodus’ children.

In an laughable episode in the midst of the confusion, Queen Zhah appeared. The Gargish monarch, who had failed to muster support from her people during the anti-Gargish Campaign and the final stand against Scelestus, appeared without an escort, claiming to have anticipated there would be no danger waiting for her. It was then that Vraal, representative of the Gargish High Council, appeared, and welcomed the two parties.


Zhah offered her condolences to the Councilor, and informed him that Ter Mur would offer the Gargish Ilshenari sanctuary in the void-devoured land. She told him that healers and rations would be awaiting them at the moongate, along with other refugees. She ordered the humans to clear a path for evacuations, before departing.

Vraal, tired and looking grim, offered to take a roster naming those individuals who participated in the battle, promising that Ver Lor Reg would forever remember those who fought in its name.

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