[EM / RP News] Impulse Control: A Study

February 26, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Impulse Control: A Study
Ryan the Alchemist

Fiction from last nights event.

Creating an Impulse Control Disorder can be done in a variety of ways. The easiest and, arguably, the most successful way is through manipulation of the frontal lobe. This can be accomplished with surgery, magical or medical, though there are many risks associated with either. Ideal subjects can be both difficult to obtain and dispose of, so care should be taken in preventing incapacitation or an untimely demise.

To achieve nearly identical results without the hindrances of medical maintenance and recovery time, one simply needs to inject the subject with a drug that manipulates the frontal lobe chemically, rather than physically. Any long term effects are not a concern, due to the short life expectancy of the aforementioned subjects. Additionally, the reported side effects of most drugs work favorably in conjunction with Impulse Control Disorders.

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