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October 12, 2012 By: Crysta Category: Lake Superior News



This time, this WASN’T posted to the EM site;


Ever wondered what several hundred Soulstones would look like together?

This is Lake Superior’s new Soulstone Graveyard, an area intended to house ownerless Soulstones collected over the years, in anticipation of the possibility of their owner’s return to Britannia. If you are a returning player, all you need do is visit the area and click on every Soulstone; if it’s yours, you’ll be allowed to use it, if it’s not you’ll get the standard “doesn’t belong to this account” message.
If you have located a Soulstone that is yours in this area and you wish to reclaim it, email either of the Lake Superior EMs; either [email protected] or [email protected]; and say as such. I expect they’ll get back to you about it as soon as they can.

And if you have a Soulstone or Soulstone Fragment (please, no skill-less ones with no charges remaining!) found on LS that you wish to be added to the memorial? Simply drop the ones you have into the mailbox at the EM Reward Hall in Malas.
Now, you may ask, how do I get there? To reach the Em reward hall you have three choices;

1). Using the rune out front of the EM hall in North Britain.

2). Using the rune on the stage at the fairgrounds just south of Luna.

3). Using the teleporter at the Community House in Skara brae, located West of the Moongate and North of the Community Center.

Once you’ve arrived at the EM Reward Hall, head North around the building and locate the string of Soulstones across the landscape. Simply follow it to the end and you have reached your destination.
This is intended as both an interesting landmark for current players and a useful tool for returning ones, so it is hoped that it will get plenty of use from the playerbase.

The EM website is located here.  


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