[EM News] “The Plea: Part II” by EM Crysania

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The Plea: Part II
EM Crysania

The gargoyle messenger held tightly to the rolled parchment as he landed some distance from the palace grounds. Gently edging loose the seal, he unrolled the parchment and read..

” Lord Dupre

I am Rhista, daughter of Queen Zhah of Ter Mur. I have sent this message to you as we, the people of Ter Mur, are in grave danger.

I have heard word of your bravery in the battle of Exodus, and your honor as a Paladin.

Our city is being filled with sickness. Sickness brought on by those that we have taken in from Ver Lor Reg. Mother has sent those that sought refuge here to a small fishing village to quarentine in hopes of stopping the sickness from spreading.Labs have been set up in hopes of finding cures for this plague. Even though the labs are ready, the village is run down, nothing is on the land that can be used for a cure, nor are the ones there able to even try. The sickness has them weakened and several have died.

My plea to you is to somehow get word out that a cure must be found.

Mother said we are not to ask for help,for we are a proud race. Yet, if this plague spreads, and the city of Ter Mur falls ill, there are those that would use this as a means to take over our city. There are other races of gargoyles who would rejoice at our demise.

I beg of you, sir! Please help!

Rhista, daughter of Zhah”


Quickly rolling the parchment up and resealing it, the messenger looked up with a evil smile on his great horned face.

“The queens daughter is right, there are others who would care to know of this situation. Being of half blood, my brethren of Hythloth would indeed be intrested in this news!”


Taking off in flight, the messenger headed towards the moongate and to Trinsic. He knew he had to deliver the message to Dupre, and would wait for a answer to take back. Which suited him, as he could tell his half brethren in Hythloth what was going on.

Landing at Dupre’s camp, the messenger went in search of Dupre. He found him reading the weathered journal which was found after Exodus death.

“I have been sent by Rhista, daughter of Queen Zhah, with a message and to await a reply” he said as he handed over the parchment.

Dupre unrolled and quickly read what was written. He looked up at the Messenger and nodded his head.

“Tell Rhista, that it shall be done.” he said.

Nodding his head, the gargoyle spread his wings and took flight, headed not towards Ter Mur, but towards the Isle of Fire, and Hythloth. He would also on his way back to Ter Mur stop where the Minions of Scelestus were and enlist their help. They hated the residents of Ter Mur as much as the other Gargoyle Races did. They would be happy to help.

Landing at Hythloth, the messenger entered and searched for his brethren to give them the news.


Event: The Plea for Help

Date: July 14th

Time: 7pm pst/10pm est

Meet: Meet with Rhista at the steps leading into Ter Mur from the moongate.

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