[EM News] “Summer Faire” by Proserpina

July 10, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Summer Faire
Guest Reporter Proserpina

Many traveled to the Skara Brae Faire Grounds last eve, a balmy summer night, to enjoy an evening of food and fun. Special flowers and plants had been grown to celebrate the month of July and it set a festive atmosphere before the evening had even begun.

Guests mingled and joked while the delicious smell of char-grilled ribeye steak and roasted chicken legs filled the air. Burgers and hot dogs on lightly toasted buns, deviled eggs and baby ribs were laid out on picnic tables alongside the stage.


Friendly skirmishes broke out while all waited to see what the night had in store for us. And then suddenly she was there, materializing out of the air and standing center-stage. Grindylow the Hag. She was pleasant enough, greeting and inviting everyone to eat and promising an archery tournament, foot race and a dart competition. She slipped away as quietly as she appeared to prepare and everyone quickly finished their drinks and waited again.


At this time a strange orc named Elvocar appeared and led people to the corpse of his captian. He demanded to know which humie had killed him. Since nobody had any information to give, he left vowing to return with his clan.

Grindylow materialized again and people voiced their concern about the orc. She admitted she had wanted to bury the body and had forgotten. Hoping that the orc would not be an issue, she called everyone to line up for the archery tournament. Some did extremely well, earning three robinhoods in a row. Some couldn’t quite get the hang of pulling the bowstring, and some just attacked the archery buttes after their three shots were used up *cough* The Yattering.


Saphira took first place with a total score of 110. She will be crowned Best Shot of the Season for the human division. First place for the gargoyles, with a score of 150, was Megara. Both will be given plaques in the Hall of Honor.

No sooner had the winners been announced when a wave of angry orcs descended on the fairegrounds. The people were quick to respond and defend, but at what price?


Grindy quickly hurried everyone to the Skara tracks for a footrace. Sosarians lined up in groups of six ready to run, though the special shoes handed to contestants would only prove lucky for some.

The winner from each group would compete in the finale. Mad Martigan, Meanie Monster, James, Rasenar and Chainsaw all lined up for the last race. Fastest of the Season would be decided in mere moments, the racers lunged forward when the hag yelled, “GO!” but Meanie Monster would take first place and earn the title Fastest of the Season.


Breathless and sweaty many walked back to compete in the final game of the night, the dart competition. For awhile the Duchess of Dawn, Lady Wildstar, held onto the lead earning her a 40 for her throwing. And where speed was Meanie’s strength, darts failed him, earning him a 1. James was the victor here, taking first place with a score of 41. He also will have a plaque engraved with his name and hung in the Rewards Hall.

Grindylow bid a all a farewell and gestured to the strawberry shortcakes and freshly baked pies before she shimmered back into air.

Congratulations to all of the winners! Thank you EM Crysania.

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