[EM News] Searching For Clues

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Searching For Clues
EM Crysania

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Jebediah breathed a sigh of relief after being given word that Murdock had been killed. The weight of guilt upon his shoulders eased at the words. At least that evil had been taken out of the realm.

He cradled the pieces of stone that had been found on Murdock at his death. Turning them from one side to the other, he could see the faint etching on the stone. He had no idea what the words were, or what they meant. But judging by the way the carvings lay it seemed they gave hint to something very important. Jebediah knew just who he would take these too..perhaps they could give them a hint into what they meant.

Carefully he placed the fragments in a leather pouch and headed out the door in search of One of the mages of Moonglow…

Event: Searching for Clues

Date: 8/25/12

Time: 7pm pst

Meet: Jebediah at Moonglow Bank Trammel

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