[EM News] Player Memorials

February 09, 2013 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Tonight after the event, it was discussed about player memorials. What I would like to do, is find out the locations of any player memorials on Baja. If you know of any, would you please email me with the Name on the memorial stone , Coordinates, and a general location. You may leave a book with the same, and a rune to the memorial in the mailbox at either theWedding Chapel beside the EM Hall or at the Awards Hall in Malas. I would like to have runes to all the player memorials so that they can be placed in a rune book and locked down at the Awards Hall, or EM hall. We have lost several of our Baja Family and this way, those of us who wish to visit the memorials can do so.
My email to be reached is:
[email protected]

Thank you guys for being the best!

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