[EM News] November 2013 Atlantic Shard Event Schedule

November 06, 2013 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

November 2013 Atlantic Shard Event Schedule

Bennu Event: Monday November 11th, 8pm Eastern @ Castle Blackthorn Courtyard
Crux Ansata Promotions and Plot Event.

Taweret Event: Thursday November 14th, 1pm Eastern @ Bard Collegium in Britain
“A Bard steps forward to right a wrong!”

Bennu Event: Thursday November 21st, 7pm Eastern @ Sheon’s Cave
“Sheon requests aid.”

Conseil du Roi: Sunday November 24th, 8pm Eastern @ Castle Blackthorn
“King Blackthorn of Britannia meets with the Governors to discuss issues that plague the realm.”

Taweret Event: Monday November 25th, 1pm Eastern @ TBA (To Be Announced)
“The Biggering of Biggering.”

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