[EM News] Gringles and the Misfits

December 06, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Gringles the Goblin had a secret desire. He wanted to be one of Santa’s helpers! He had asked Santa several times before..but Santa knowing how mischievous little goblins can be..was having doubts. The holidays were fast approaching and Gringles knew things were in full swing at Santa’s shop. Maybe now was the time to ask again! Surely Santa could use the help. Running as fast as his little goblin feet could carry him, Gringles hurried off to the shop.
“Santy Pants! Santy Pants! Mees back! Mees weallys wants toos bees yoos elf dis years! Mees promises toos bees goos! Gringles no pees ons toys or bites de ovfer elfs!“, Gringles said as he slide to a stop in front of Santa ,who was busy over seeing the feeding of his reindeer with special flying feed.(The reindeer have to be fed this well in advance to store up the flying ability.)
Santa looked down at the little goblin, who’s eyes were wide with excitement and longing. Frowning and rubbing his snowy white beard, Santa looked over at Sprikens the Elf.
“Spriken, what do you think? This little guy isn’t going to give up asking. Do you think he can be a good elf?”, Santa asked.
Sprikens the Elf giggled and looked at the goblin. Putting his hands on his hips, he ordered the little goblin to turn in circles so he could get a good look at him.
“Well Santa”, he said between fits of giggling, “He is green, and has big pointy ears..but maybe if you give him something to do to see if he can handle it first?”
“Excellent idea Sprikens!”exclaimed Santa,“And I have just the task for him!”
Turning back to Gringles,Santa explained what the task was. Gringles eyes widened and a big toothy grin spread over his little goblin face.
“Mees kins does dat Santy Pants! Mees goos! Gringles wills gets de bestest dey bees!” he said as he ran out the door to start the task Santa had given him.
As he ran back to Britain, Gringles suddenly realized..he had no idea where to look. He was going to need help and he knew just who to ask!

Event: Gringles and the Misfits-A Holiday Adventure

Date: 12/12/12

Time: 7pm PST

Meet: Gringles the Goblin at West Brit Bank

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