[EM News] Dilfred Dumphry and Fluffy Bunnies

April 14, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Dilfred Dumphry and Fluffy Bunnies
EM Sangria

Dilfred Dumphry here with another truly awesome report of anything and everything by yours truly!

Some of you may know me from elsewhere and am wondering why I’m here. Good question! Unfortunately it has a long answer. But I will try and make it as brief as possible. *takes a deep breath*

I introduced two young people. One noble born, one common born. The two fell madly in love, eloped and ran away. Nobles went stupid and did their best to break the two up and make sure such a union would never happen again. The two young lovers rebelled and ended up becoming raider leaders. Out of reach of the nobles, the nobles then turned their gaze of death on me!

Yes I introduced the two! No they did not become raider leaders because I introduced them! But the Nobles were still stuck in stupid so my family and I packed and fled to parts unknown. Errr.. parts unknown to us that is.

These parts are much safer than those we left behind. Or so we thought. My wife and I were wandering around Brit when this we saw this cute pink fluffy bunny. My wife went all girly on me saying, ‘awwwww!!!’ and bent down to pet the beast. Yes beast. The thing went for her jugular quicker than you can blink an eye. Fortunately my wife comes from a family of all boys so her reflexes are amazing. She grabbed that cute fluffy bunny by the throat, whirled it over her head and threw it into the river. ‘Hideous thing!!’ she hissed. This is why I stay out of the kitchen when she cooks. Mood swings and knives. Nuff said.

Soon after my wife sent the bunny swimming we came upon a large group hunting the little beasties.


Or was it the bunnies hunting them?


Not long after that we came across a Guardsman with glowing skin wearing only his not so glowing undies.


My wife and I could only stare. I’m definitely liking this place, and the way my wife was staring, so was she. Wait. Really? Him? Uhhh.. *yawn* ‘Look at the time honey, we’d best get back to the Inn.’

Good night all and safe travels! Until next time, this is Dilfred Dumphry.

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