[EM News] “A Time For Feasting” by EM Crysania

November 21, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Standing back admiring her work, Grindylow gave a small nod of satisfaction
“Perfect!” she said to herself. Walking up the line of tables, she had a smile of pride on her face. “Finally! No mishaps, perfect table, good food,(which she didn’t cook) and soon good friends!” she giggled.
There had been no sight or sound of the Angry Golden Gobbler that had threatened revenge if so much as one turkey was placed on the feasting tables. “Phshaw..he must have been just a big ole bag of feathers and hot air. All gobbles and threats, but afraid to be basted” she giggled to herself.
Everyone was looking forward to the Feast of Thanksgiving and there was much to be thankful for.
A new King had been crowned, and under his leadership, and compassion, the realm had begun to heal from the horrid era of Exodus wreaking havoc upon their lands. The rioters gone, appeased and happy at last of having work, and full bellys. Towns were bustling with activity and the shop keepers all had smiles on their faces. In a time where once all had seemed doomed, brightness now shown.
Taking one last look at the set tables, Grindylow set out to tell the town criers to call out the word…

Event: A Time for Feasting

Date: 11/24/12

Time: 7pm PST

Where: Baja Awards Hall & Museum Grounds

(OCC: Let us gather as friends and UO Family in a day of Thanks. But remember… Never leave a feather unturned..(or is that stone?*giggles* anyway..) Be prepared to defend your feast!

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