[EM Fiction] “The Plea.”

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The Plea
EM Crysania

Queen Zhah clenched her taloned fist tightly. She furled and unfurled her elegant wings as she paced her chambers. News that the sickness from the refugee’s that had been taken in from Ver Lor Reg was spreading to her people had just been given to her. Several of the Ter Mur citizens had already lost their lives and more were showing symptoms of the disease each day.

Turning towards her daughter, Rhista, Zhah said in a stern voice,

“You are not to leave the palace grounds! This disease, brought in by those refugee’s from Ver Lor Reg, We do not have the means to cure it. I do not want you exposed!” she exclaimed.

“But Mother,” Rhista started to say.

“No buts, Daughter!” Zhah demanded, ” do you not realize, how dangerous this is? To think, I offered them a place of refuge..and now they bring this…this..sickness into our city!”

” Mother, we must help them if we can,” Rhista said,”We offered them refuge, are we to let them just die? To escape from one hell in the land they came from, only to meet their deaths here?”

“I have done what I could, I have sent them to the fishing village, far from the city until a cure can be found. They are quarantined there for now”, Zhah replied.”I have set up Labs there for them to find a cure to the sickness they have brought to us.”

“The fishing village?” Rhista exclaimed,”It hasn’t been used for years! The land holds nothing they can use to even try and find a cure!”

“It is not your matter to decide Rhista. They will have to work with what they have” Zhah said.

“Can we not ask for help? The human and elves are knowledgeable in the alchemy arts. Can you not send word we need their help?” Rhista asked.

Queen Zhah turned and looked at her daughter and spoke sternly.

“We, the gargoyles of Ter Mur are a proud people. We do not ask for help. We will keep this matter in our own lands, there is no need for the humans and elves to know. You should understand that, Rhista.”

” Yes, mother I do understand” she replied softly.

“Good, now, do as I say, do not leave the palace grounds. We must avoid this sickness, for who will run the city if we contract it? There are other races of gargoyles who would do nothing more than rejoice at our demise, and try to take our city from us,”said the Queen. “Now go daughter, I must meet with my advisers on this matter.”

Rhista walked towards the door leading out into the palace. Slowly a slight smile formed on her face. She knew then what she must do. Leaving her mothers chambers, she flew down the hallway to her room, where she took up pen and parchment. She had heard of the man, Dupre, surely he would help them in their plight. He was a brave Paladin, one of honor. He would understand the need to keep things quiet relating to the sickness.

Finishing off her letter explaining what was happening in Ter Mur, Rhista rolled the scroll and sealed it. She left her room and found a messenger on the grounds.

“Take this to the one known as Dupre, tell him it is for his eyes only. Go swiftly and silently, try not to be seen leaving the grounds!”, she said.

The messenger nodded his great horned head and lifted his wings in the air. Swiftly and with out a sound, he flew towards the moongate to deliver the message.

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