[EM Fiction] The Festival Part 2: How Bizarre. (Charlotte Christianson)

November 21, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News, Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance

The Festival: How Bizarre
EM Godiva

Eventually, the familiar euphoria enveloped Lady Charlotte Christianson like a warm blanket on a snowy day. She made her way back to the bazaar and, with newfound amusement, decided to investigate the other booths.

WildStar was filling spell books.
Some crazy old man was telling fortunes through his various pets.
Another, younger and presumably sane, man was recruiting for his guild.
The goblin was selling ice cream. Ice cream! And it was strawberry!

Charlotte helped herself to a cone, thanking the tiny creature. By this point, she had to put effort into containing her giddiness. Next she came upon The Yattering, who was dispensing kisses. For some reason, Charlotte not only found this quite entertaining, but she was compelled to participate. The highly amused Charlotte leaned over and gave The Yattering a smooch. She would later regret this decision, of course, once her medicine had worn off.

Charlotte continued wandering around, eating her ice cream and talking to people. She resisted the urge to tap on Lance’s armor like a steel drum. It was so very temping that she had to excuse herself. She tried to toast marshmallows but she just kept lighting them on fire. Eventually Charlotte found her way to The Fall Harvest Queen’s makeshift kitchen. And there she found pie.

Pie! And it was Moonberry Pie!

The Fall Harvest Queen had agreed to make pie for anyone who brought her moonberries. A now highly motivated Charlotte wandered about, trying to convince everyone to come over and help The Fall Harvest Queen…so that she could have pie. Charlotte finally enlisted the Town Guards to help her, who proved to be quite useful.

Charlotte made up a little song in her head as she waited.

Pie! Pie! I love pie!
I want some pie!
I need some pie!
Pie! Pie! I love pie!
Especially when I am so high!

Instead of completing the quest herself, Charlotte charmed a moonberry from one of the onlookers and exchanged it for a pie, which she polished off while waiting for The Labyrinth to open.

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