[EM Fiction] The Britain Riot Leaders Meet

April 08, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

The Britain Riot Leaders Meet
EM Sangria

“Hot damn, we actually did it!” One of the raider leaders exclaimed in shocked voice.

Another raider leader lamented, “We could have looted so much more, but we had to bail before the bridge was blown.”

The first raider leader nodded, “Those barrels we stole from Ver Lor Reg worked out great. The gargoyles will have to clear their landslides the old fashioned way – picks and shovels. They won’t be happy about that.”

“Why wasn’t Castle Brit looted and torched?” a third raider leader asked.

“Unfortunately for us the castle guards were able to secure the gates before we got there. But we were able to loot and torch Castle Blackthorn,” the first raider gestured to the loot stacked on the floor.

The raiders present were the leaders of the largest bands throughout the lands. Each of them had brought the majority of their fighting forces to Brit. The riot in Brit hopefully brought home their point to the nobles that things had to change. But until things changed, the loot would be used to finance further raids.

Once the division of loot was done, the first raider told the others of an opportunity, “Some of you may want to sell some of your items before you leave town. I know the perfect place,” he grinned.

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