[EM Fiction] “Seven Days In.”

September 04, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Grindylow looked anxiously at the calender. The words spoken on the night of the Blue Moon kept running through her head. In Seven days time it must be spoken…
She had gone back to where the Blue Moon was, and had found it shattered and of no use. Bendis was there when she arrived, picking up the fragments of the shattered moon. Grindylow had approached him cautiously, after hearing that he seemed to be deranged and calling in the protectors of the moon on the night it was found.
Looking up from gathering the fragments, Bendis let out a low hiss at the sight of Grindylow.
“What do you want! Go Away! You and your kind have done enough..look at my precious moon! Shattered, destroyed!” he yelled as he grabbed up the rest of the fragments.
Grindy approached and with wide eyes blurted out her response.
“I-I- just came to see if the moon where here, to find out what was needed before the seven days were out. The moon spoke of having to say the words in seven days time, and that time is almost over! We need to find a way to repair the moongate and the Blue Moon was the last key to doing just that!
“Silly mortal! The words are there! It just takes someone who’s smart enough to know! The Moon held the key by its light, in seven days it fades. But now ..that has been taken care of, the moon was shattered and now, *looks at fragments in his hands*..there are only these. My moon, my Precious moon!” he cackled as he disappeared in a blinding light, taking the fragments with him.
Grindylow set off in search of Lord Blackthorn. She had to tell him what Bendis had said. Perhaps he could figure it all out, after all, he was the smartest Mage she knew….

Event: Seven Days In

Time: 7pm PST

Date: 9/8/12

Meet: Grindylow at West Brit Bank

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