[EM Fiction] Protection…..

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by EMAdris.

Jack stepped off the boat quickly and paid the Vesperian as agreed. It had been a long trip. Jack stepped into his office to a desk full of letters, he sighed as he sat down, Licking his lips he flipped over the first letter, his eyes scanning the paper quickly… too quickly, he looked up and stared at the walls of his quiet office.

Many minutes later Jack looked back down at his desk before quickly jumping up, walking towards his bedroom. He opened the door as a startled noise came from the corner.

Jack: “How are you old friend?”

Stranger: “Well you know, Busy busy, I could have done without this short notice assignment!” the mysterious being said, slightly apprehensive. “You have heard the news?”

Jack: “I have yes… But please, I have greater things to worry about. Trinsic, How is it?”

Stranger: “Trinsic is still there you need not worry, the curse is contained as you left it.”

Jack: “And the Mayor?”

Stranger: “He is being dealt with as we speak”

Jack: “Good, good…”

Jack took a step towards his bed and sat down, keeping his stare out of the bedroom window.

Stranger: “I have to say though sir, this ‘plan’, it’s… It’s not working. He isn’t telling us anything.”

Jack: “To be expected… I suggest you try the plan we talked about before I left.”

The unknown person let out a short gasp before coughing and straightening themselves back up in the chair.

Stranger: “Yes sir, I will get the men onto that right away… Sir… I must ask… Our deal?”

Jack moved his gaze from the window to his bedside cabinet where an elderly Meer sat, holding a quill furiously writing on a large canvas.

Jack: “Don’t worry… Your services are noted, Lakeshire will be protected.”

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