[EM Fiction] Meanwhile in Felucca (part 2)

December 12, 2011 By: Kayne Category: Europa News

Lord Herbert Luxford and his son, Harry, were sat on soft chairs, enjoying a cool drink by the pool of Nujelm Palace.
“A toast,” said Herbert as he stroked the golden brooch brazed with a symbol of a spider pinned to his shirt, “to our latest success!”
“They did well?” Harry asked.
“Oh yes my son. You picked a fine bunch for the first mission,” Herbert said with a wide grin. “There were a few guards escorting the trade caravan but they didn’t stand a chance against our mercenaries!”
Harry grinned along with his father.
“Did you gather a new group already?” Herbert continued, “For our next mission?”
“I’m working on it dad,” harry replied.
“Good boy!”

Source: Meanwhile in Felucca (part 2)


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