[EM Fiction] Lost in the Noise

December 01, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Lost in the Noise
EM Seppo

High winds were blowing outside as a storm battered against the mighty battlements of Castle Britannia. Captain Jenkins, erstwhile commander of the Royal Expeditionary forces, more recently a member of the Royal High Council of Britannia, sat staring at the pile of reports on his desk. Each one was an intelligence report representing a potential opportunity to avert a great disaster or spoil schemes against the kingdom. But, as he tried to measure the stack with his eyes, he was afraid that the signal was getting lost in the noise. It was not always easy to determine which ones warranted a closer look.

Should he direct precious resources to further investigate the reports from the gypsies about increasing tensions between the Meer and Juka?

What about the strife between the warriors of the New World Order and miners from Ore of Vesper over unpaid dues that was threatening to spill across other guilds?

There was also a note from the thiefmaster regarding a new and ruthless gang of troublemakers that have been seen around Britain. Could they be related to the mercenaries who attacked Minoc few weeks ago?

Then, there were also more obvious hurdles which needed attention, but that did not make them any easier to deal with. His eyes briefly resting on the heavy stack of reports emerging from New Magincia.

Shaking his head, he wondered how Queen Dawn or Lord British ever dealt with so much responsibility on their own. At that moment, he was never so glad about the existence of the High Council, even though strife was beginning to surface within it.

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