[EM Fiction and Event] Gone to the Dogs (and cats)

February 23, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

As they walked into the winery the monks all nodded to Donal and to Sherry. Sherry nodded back to them as she looked around. Donal took Sherry into the storage room and there was a man that seemed familiar to Sherry but not quite. He was leaning back in a corner behind a pile of barrels with a bottle of wine nearly falling from his hand.

“Dacil,” Donal spoke to the man. The man jumped and nearly fell over.

“Oh Dacil, what am I going to do with you?”

“Um um… so sorry Donal, sir.” Dacil said as he tried to catch the bottle before it hit the floor.

“Dacil?” Sherry barely believed her own eyes. She looked again at the man then at Donal.

Yes, Dacil has been with us since Queen Dawn was struck down. He has been somewhat helpful around here.” Donal helped Sherry to the top of a barrel

“Why don’t you sit a bit Dacil?” Sherry offered more because she was afraid he might fall down than anything.

Dacil nodded and sat on the barrel closest to Sherry. His stench nearly blew the poor mouse into the floor. She regained her composure and looked to Donal.

“Perhaps some strong tea and water is in order?” Sherry asked. Donal nodded and sent for the items. He helped Dacil to a room in the Inn where he and Sherry began to nurse him back to some semblance of sobriety.

It was sometime later and after much tea and water being doused on him that Dacil was able to truly hold a proper conversation.

He began to wipe away some of the grim and excess water as he listened to Sherry and Donal relay the happenings of the realm.

“And why do I care?” he mumbled as he stumbled toward the door.

“Where are you going?” Sherry asked.

“To get another drink.” he mused with a smile.

“Do you really think I would allow you to drink again after nursing you back to health?” Donal and Sherry stepped in front of the man and stared.

Dacil looked from one to the other. Realizing he was in no shape to argue he sat back on the bed.Fine but I still don’t understand why you bothered or even expect me to care. I’ve been pulling my worth here and leaving all well enough alone. Why can’t you just leave me at that?”

Sherry crawled up beside the man and placed a paw on his hand. “Dacil, you are a brave and honorable man, what happened to you? You are more than this.”

“This?” Dacil nearly yelled and almost slammed a hand down on the mouse as he tried to regain himself. “This is what honor gets you! This is what becomes of a man that keeps doing the honorable thing, only to be left alone and the ones you support and admire dead!”

Sherry and Donal looked at one another “Dacil, man you’re not making sense.” Donal handed the man another cup of water.

“Twice I’ve pledged my weapons and know how to a strong leader and twice they are dead. Because I wasn’t the man I should have been!” Dacil looked very sad for a moment, and then he began to sob. “I cannot face THIS anymore.” he began to drink from the cup handed to him then threw it down. “I want ale!” he then announced and started to get back up. Donal stopped him.

Sherry asked the question that was going through both of their heads, “Dacil, what do you mean because of you? Dawn died at the hands and deceit of Virtuebane. You did everything in your power you help her.”

Dacil shook his head. “Just like my captain in the shipping lanes.” he sighed then shuddered. “I left for schooling and he and my shipmates were attacked by pirates. I should have been there, I should have died with them.” he sobbed then mumbled, “Same with Dawn, I was off doing something else! I should have been there to save her!”

Sherry and Donal looked at each other and back at the sobbing man. They had to get him back on his feet. The realm needed people like him now more than ever. He is a good man and strong man that has had too many blows to his sense of honor. But not in this shape.

“Let’s get him sobered up completely before we try to talk to him,” Sherry nodded to Donal as he eased the still wobbly man back onto his bed.

A few days passed and though at first Dacil insisted on wine and ale, Sherry and Donal managed to get the man sobered up and thinking a bit more clearly.

“I am sorry for the trouble I’ve caused,” he said as he washed his face with some cool water.
Sherry sat on the edge of the bed and watched the man. “It was no trouble at all.”

“We need to you to help the people of the realm.” Sherry said tentatively and watched for any reaction from Dacil. “It’s what Dawn would have wanted. She trusted you. Even to her death she knew you would do the right thing.”

Dacil shook his head, “I…I can’t. I couldn’t even go to her funeral. What does that say about me?”

“You are an honorable man,” Sherry said as she watched Dacil sit back down. “It was difficult for you. No one but yourself is blaming you for what happened.”

“Do you think your previous captain or Dawn would want you to wallow in such self pity?” Sherry said very sternly, she thought maybe it was time for a bit of tough love.

Dacil shook his head and then lowered it.

“And don’t you think you owe it to them, to honor their memories to do the right thing?” she said even a bit more harshly.

Dacil thought on that for a few moments. He dearly loved his captain, he was like a father to him and he highly respected Dawn and everything for which she stood. And now the realm needed him more than ever and here he was hiding in a bottle.

“No more!” he suddenly shouted, startling the poor mouse.

He looked at Sherry and quickly apologized.

“Go tell Donal I am ready.  I’m ready to do what is right and honorable,”

Sherry nodded and went to tell Donal the good news. She smiled a bit to herself as she left. “I knew he was the right man.”

Donal came running up at that moment.

“There is a problem in Vesper.”

Meet with Dacil Dalgrin at Empath Abbey in Yew Feb 25th at 7 pm PST (10 pm EST)

*hint: LOW level herding and/or taming may be good skill to have or team up with someone that does.

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