[EM Fiction] Addressed to Britannia: A Threat from Ver Lor Reg

April 26, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Threat from Ver Lor Reg
EM Sangria

The pesky meddlers were finally gone. As was the healer. This fake healer was revealed to be the thief who had taken their barrels of explosive powder. Fortunately, this band who called themselves the Royal Guard, were negligent in their duties. The fools never searched the thief’s quarters! But the guards of Ver Lor Reg did and found something very interesting. And very useful. The commander of the Ver Lor Reg guards began to write…

Leaders of Britannia!

We have had enough! You steal what belongs to us! You invade Ver Lor Reg in your quest for treasure!
We demand the following:

– Remove your murdering thieving people from our trade routes
– Return the barrels of explosives you retrieved intact
– A daily fee of 500,000 gold for continued access to Exodus dungeon for your people.

You have 24 hours! If you refuse, one of your cities will suffer.

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