[EM Fiction] “A Past Foe.”

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A Past Foe
EM Crysania

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The Man stood for sometime in silence as he was told that Jebediah had defied him.

He had waited so long for this moment, of being free of the crystal that had bound him and his soul. The others were long dead that had joined him at his capture. Their souls withered away as he had fed off their energy to keep his on soul alive. He had not understood at the time of the crystals shattering what had happened. He knew that he was once again whole, weakened in strength, but with a mind sharp and clear. He had drawn energy and life force from creatures that roamed too near where the crystal that had contained him had been placed. Day by day he grew stronger, day by day he practiced the dark evil.He finally was able to venture out into the realm in the darkness of night. Poor unwary souls that traveled the roads late at night fell victim to him. His energy and power grew strong, and once again he planned on making the realm his.

He had heard of the corruption of Honor Moongate and of the Call to Arms against Exodus. He knew it was at the precise time of the corruption of the Moongate that the crystal binding his soul had shattered.

The Man had found a fragment of a ancient stone tablet laying nearby where the shattered crystal lay. Taking it in hand, he studied the strange markings.

“A powerful spell!” he thought to himself,”I must find the rest of this tablet!”

He searched the cavern over, but found no more pieces. He remembered then, that in days gone past, when a powerful spell was written out, pieces of it were placed in different locations. If it fell into the hands of evil, chaos and catastrophe could only be the outcome, which was exactly what the Man wanted.

His only problem was now there was someone else searching for the spell, one who would use it for the good of the land. He could not let this person find the rest of the spell, he had to have it for his own!

If Jebediah wouldn’t help, he would have to do this deed on his own. This person would be hunted down and assassinated. He gathered the fragments together and silently moved into the night….


EVENT: A Past Foe

Date: 8/19/12

Time: 7pm PST

Meet: Meet with Jebediah in Buc’s Den

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