[EM Fiction] “A Master of Many Pets – Part 2.” Event Tomorrow at 3:00 PM PST / 6:00 EST.

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A Master of Many Pets Part 2
EM Seppo

In the beginning, the whiskey helped. A constant state of mild drunkenness kept the voices at bay. But, it was not long before this lost its effectiveness. For a while, he toyed with the idea of notifying his commanding officer. However, the voices were quite adamant about not allowing him do so.

Not. Allowing. Me.

He shivered as he realized the implications. But, his recent actions made it clear to him that he was indeed losing control. It was no longer just about nightmares and strange voices. But, he, Joshua Jenkins, stemming from a long line of Royal Guards of Britannia, was unable to account for his actions. The very thought brought instant shame to his mind leaving him flustered.

My pet is thinking of how to resist me again, eh?

Joshua jumped as the hoarse voice overpowered his senses. Whispering a silent prayer, he took a swig of the whiskey.

It is only an illusion. The voices are not real, just ignore them.

Hahahahaha, not real!?! Fool!

Truly, you resisted me like none other. But, you are my pet now, and it is time for you to please your master.

Pick up your sword, guardsman. You have a kingdom to unravel.

As if on cue, Joshua’s eyes went blank as he reached over for his sword.
Going to the town, Joshua? Queried his partner from the other side of the moongate.

Speakingwith a warm smile on his face, Aye. Don’t fret Larise, I will return for you soon.

Turning around in a methodological manner, he casually made his way to the closest group of people. Nodding at them, he politely requested them to follow him. As they made their way to the Gazebo, he picked up few more folks along the way. By the time they got there, he had a small crowd tagging along.

Guardsman, what is this about?…one of them finally asked.

Smiling, he looked at no one in particular with the sword, given to him as a gift by his uncle, firmly in his hand.

Event Notification:
2nd part starts on Sunday, December 18th 3:00 PM PST

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