(EM event/Yamato) A Winter’s tale of Twin Oaks Tavern

January 17, 2013 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

“Hey grampa!! Please be careful!”
Lissbet said her grampa.He is always injured.
And she had big worries.

It was Lissbet’s habit to enjoy skating at the lake every winter. However the lake near Twin Oaks Tavern was not frozen this year due to the global warming.
One day, she comes up with an idea to meet Witch of the North to ask her to lower the surrounding temperature. Come and help her challenges to Witch of the South to get her wish!

Meeting place: The Small Lumber Camp in Ilshenar (Sextant loc.: 44o 2’N, 8o 34’E )
* A gate will be provided from Nujelm EM Hall

1/19(sat) 9pm Jst (7am est)
Chat channel :Tamchannel

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