(EM Event/Sakura) Halloween Night

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The twilight of one day, Cherry were walking along the way near yew.
“This season, everybody’s idea are the same. Although I went to the field, there is almost no large pumpkin”
Since it was seen that lich walks out of a forest when she noticed, she tried to hide so that it might be quiet and lich might not be known.
There was sound of her belly then.
Lich noticed sound and has approached her direction.
“Its bad! I escape!”
She ran intently in forest and escaped.
Since she escaped and was tired, she took down the waist to the fallen log.
She had only the candy, although she was hungry.
She has noticed that the good smell has rested and went in the direction.
A small table and chair were in woods and the cake and the lantern were on the desk.
She suspected,however, she worried about whether a cake will be eaten.
Although the cake became a desk inclining suddenly and falling, she caught the cake.
Since cream attached her hand, she licked. Since it was very delicious, she ate all cakes.
She in whom she was waiting for the owner apologizes.
But nobody came.

Night came and she went home.
Since she was very tired, she went to sleep without changing her clothes.

Early morning of the next day, Nekomata visited her house.
“Good morning Cherry,There is a halloween party tonight. ”
Her body was hard in whether she still has tiredness.
“You are still sleeping. Although I wanted help of a party, since you are tired, please rest.But please become a host of a party. wow tonight your costume? Its good”
What happened to her?

Meet Cherry at the EM hall and hear her story. she needs your help.

October 30(Sun) pm 9:00 JST

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