(EM Event/Asuka) Mystical flowers

April 20, 2012 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

“Where am i ? ”
Koharu is active girl,She was following the animal and entered in the inner part of the cave.
“As for me, coming here is first.”
She looked at the circumference, Pink’s beautiful flower was in bloom there.
She began to take a flower.
“Does it become fine if mother looks at this flower? ”
Kaede the Koharu’s mother,her body was weak and she was hardly able to go out.
She took many flowers for her mother.
“I show mother this flower and mother wants me to become fine. ”
She went to the sanatorium in which a mother is present.

Meeting place: Satori Sanatorium (34o 38′N, 38o 6′W), Zento, Tokuno Makoto-shima.
Sunday April.22, 10:00pm JST(9am EST).

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