(EM Event/Asuka) Floating ghosts

August 29, 2013 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

Since humans first appeared on Sosaria, they have hazarded many adventures in the uncivilized places of the land. They have bravely faced down uncountable monsters and demons. However, there were an awful lot of monsters and great many more demons. Sadly, some adventures lost their lives in those dark places, and even sadder, some of these poor souls could not pass on to the after life. They remained in the dark places of our world as formless shadows. As floating ghosts.
…But now they wish to see the sun, one more time.

Date/Time : 8/31 3pm JST ( 8/30 2AM EST).
Place : Nujel’m EM Hall, Trammel (37o 6′N, 172o 37′E).
(You can catch a gate from Britain west bank)

This event is a ghost race, a competition escape from a dungeon.
・All players must be ghosts. Please be sure to put your items in your bank or house.
・No resurrection inside the dungeon.
・The top three runners will have their names recorded on a special display at the EM reward hall.
Please join “Asuka EM Event” chat channel on the day to keep up-to-date on the event proceedings.

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