[EM Event] Zalindera’s power grows!

August 12, 2013 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News


Zalindera’s power grows!

After the kings meeting we traveled back to the councelors hall.

But to our surprise the building was full with followers of Zalindera!

The traitors Alrik and Jigsaw sat in the thrones at the middle of the large table.


A heated discussion went between the followers and the other people in the room.

You could feel the hatred between the two sides.

Then professor Grimm walked in the room, he was angry!

He brought us dreadful news…. Elesil Daelwon died last Tuesday from the poison she caught from the fight in the orc fort!

You could feel a shock going through the building….. Elesil is death!

We where now standing in a room with the ones responsible for Elesil death.

You could cut the tension with a sword….they where lucky this building has magical protection and no spell could been cast.

I saw a evil grin on Jigsaw face like this was exactly what they wanted.

Alrik and Jigsaw stood up and Alrik gave Grimm a last warning!

“Grimm, do not make the same mistake as Elesil Daelwon. The enemies of the weaver live dangerous!”


All followers left together shortly after.

Grimm did not want this to go unpunished.

He wanted to investigate the new altar in New Magincia and opened a gate to the city.

But when we arrived at the altar ,spiders,scorpions and all kind of creatures attacked us from different sides.

We had to fight them as long was needed so the professor could have a look at the altar.

When we fought of all monsters Grimm had more bad news.

There was no way to destroy this altar. The power of this altar is based on the blood of the spider Goddess and the weaver has become very strong!


But maybe all was not  lost yet, the professor could make a basilisk stone with magic.

To make this the professor will need many black and white dragon scales.

These scales can only be found with Serpentine Dragons, Shadow Wyrms and White Wyrms!

We almost left when Zoltan came with more bad news.

There was a rumor that another altar was build near Yew.

We had no time to loose and locate this new altar.

After a little search we found the altar near the Orc cave.


It had a strange skull on top of it.

Zalindera and the followers are slowly taken over all kinds of places in the world, it seems to me that we underestimated them.

When we moved closer to the altar we where under attack again!


The professor took a look at this new altar.

“This altar is even more powerful than the one in New Magincia. He draws his power from this skull, but I have no idea what we can do about it. Zalindera gets stronger and stronger.”

After some thinking Grimm could only say :

“Let’s try first, to destroy the altar in New Magincia. But for today we have fought enough. Please collect as many black and white dragon scales as possible and bring it with you when I call you again.”


“Thank you for your assistance today. See you again soon … in order to repay Elesils death.”

We have to stop Zalindera before its too late!

We better start gathering these scales to make the basilisk stone.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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