EM Event: Who is Jack & What is he about to do? (Sat Mar 16)

March 13, 2013 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

From Sonoma EM Events website:

Peter the bunny wiggled his cottony tail as he ate more of the delicious carrot. He could barely move now, never mind hop about to deliver eggs.  Jack pat his head and fed him another of his modified carrots… He had been stuffing this bunny to ensure all the eggs the golden Goose laid would be his. He mumbled under his breath. The March Hare had to have suspected. That was why he held that race on the 7th. He wanted to be sure someone could stand in if  little Peter Cottontail could not be found. Jack was worrying now. Little Bun Bun had hopped like his life depended upon it and won the right to deliver the eggs. This was not in the plan. Jack had worked hard to “liberate ” The goose from the dottering old Giant. He took it …well not so fair and square but it was his and he was NOT going to share.!

Jack still had a couple weeks. He had to make a plan. Maybe if he hid the goose and the Bunny He would be alright. If Bun Bun could not find the candy eggs then  he could not deliver them either.

Lubku had been sitting in a pub listening to a couple “hummies” boasting.  She could not believe what she was hearing. No treats? That was not right.

Join Lubku Saturday March 16 @ 6 PT 7 MT 8 CT 9 ET to investigate. Meet at the Brit Counselor Hall.

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