[EM Event] “Unity Once More”

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“Unity Once More”
EM Crysania

Walking through the vineyard, the old Captain nodded his head at the Monks tending the grapes. His walk took him north towards the west tip of land that jutted out into the sea. Reaching his destination, he knelt laying a rose on the tomb of his departed Queen, bowing his head for a brief moment. The old Captain rose slowly and sat then, at one of the benches near the grave.
It had been many years since he had last seen battle. As Dawn had become Queen and Lady Nystad commander of her armies, he had quietly retired and lead a peaceful life. When Lady Nystad had died, he had thought briefly of rejoining the Queen, but when Captain Jenkins had come forward as Leader of the Royal Guards, he had once more retreated into retirement.
Now his Queen was dead and Captain Jenkins gone. He had watched as the cities he loved turned against one another. Once elegant and dignified Nobles screaming in the streets, Shop Keepers unable to run their business because of raiders ram sacking their shops, townsfolk begging in the streets, protesters yelling blame and trying to burn down buildings. Thoughts and images began flooding his mind.
The take over of Ver Lor Reg by that vile beast Exodus, attacks by his minions on the homes of those who tried to defend their cities. The Gargoyles who had lived at Ver Lor Reg given exile in Ter Mur. The image of Lord Dupre leading the attack against Exodus in what had been left of Ver Lor Reg after the vile creature had claimed it. The death of Exodus and while victory was claimed, the lingering magic causing the corruption of Honor Moongate in Ilshenar.
He thought of the Gargoyles of Ver Lor Reg, gone from their homes into an environment that proved fatal for many after contracting a infection. Hearing of a mysterious healer asking for cures to be made after figuring out the ingredients needed to make them. How this Mysterious healer had gathered the cures as they were made and given them out to the sick ones and now that crisis was over, the gargoyles having been cured. He had shook his head in disbelief to learn that the Mysterious Healer was no other than Lord Blackthorn himself. Not believing that one who had once been so threatening to the land, had come back in hopes of saving it. He had witnessed the repair of Honor Moongate by Lord Blackthorn after a great battle by the citizens.
Now there had been a “Instigator” captured. A man who had used the towns against each other for his own gain. His greed had brought the cities towards their own downfall, by blaming each other for what was happening. The man had been put to trial, and found that he had been hiring not only vagabonds, but using the corruption left by Exodus in his evil deeds. He was a follower of Exodus and sworn to see the cities downfall. During the trial, his minions had descended upon the court house, creating havoc and giving the Instigator an escape route.The old Captain knew he must be found and brought to justice, either by recapture or death. For with the threat of the Instigator gone, the cities perhaps could heal and peace be restored.
Sir Geoffrey slowly stood, bowing once more at the grave of the late Queen. He would seek out Lord Blackthorn, and ask to speak with him. Perhaps the man had changed, and together they could work towards the capture and bring peace once more to the lands.

Event: Unity Once More

Date: 9/22/12

Time: 7pm pst

Meet: Entrance to Blackthorns Castle, Britain

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