[EM Event] The Search for Answers – Postponed

June 18, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Lord Dupre looked up from the papers on his desk. His visitors had arrived at the Hall. Sherry climbed up on the stack of papers and peered out through the door. She squeaked in excitement at seeing some of the familiar faces heading their way.

Dupre walked outside to meet the Town Guards. He needed their help in the mission he was heading up and had asked to meet them to go over what needed to be done.

“Hail and well met” he said as they arrived. The Guards responded in kind as Dupre ushered them into the meeting hall.

“Let us get down to business, as there is little time to lose!” he said.

” I have asked you here today to help me in a mission to find someone.

This person is someone who could hold the knowledge to defeating the Exodus at Ver Lor Reg. I am sure you have heard the name Krett.” Dupre said.

The eyes of the Guards opened wide. ” Yes Lord Dupre, We have. He was the one who helped build that Exodus machine in the castle courtyard years ago! A very knowledgeable tinker..but no one knows where he is!”

“Precisely..that is why I have asked for your help. It is imperative that Krett be located. He knows more about the workings of the machines and how they are powered than anyone else.We need this knowledge to defeat Exodus. I have asked you here today, to lead a search party to find Krett. Are you willing to take on this task?” Dupre said as he looked each Guard in the eye.” I have no clue where Krett maybe, he has become somewhat of a recluse since the Exodus machine was built and used in the castle courtyard. The task of finding him may come with danger, but he must be found!”

The Guards looked at each other,nodded their heads and looked back at Dupre.

“Sir, our very being and our lands are in danger from what has transposed from what once was Ver Lor Reg. Mechanical beasts are attacking citizens at their homes. Our towns have been come havens for rioters and raiders, if this one man, Krett, has the know how to stop this and to help bring peace back to our lands, then sir, We will find him!”a Guard replied.

“We will get others to help in the search! The people of realm are growing more disheartened every day. I am sure they will help us to locate Krett!”, another Guard said.

” Excellent!” Dupre exclaimed.” I will meet with the citizens and explain what must be done to assist you in this search.”

“Thank you for meeting me today, Guards. I have faith that you will carry out this important mission with speed!”, Dupre said as he walked with the Guards to the road as they headed back.

With a final goodbye, Dupre turned and walked back into the Hall. He sat in his chair and let out a breath of air.

“That went well, Sherry. I am glad they are going to assist us.” he said.

Sherry climbed up on the stack of books, looked at the tiredness that was etched in Dupre’s face, gave a big of a smile as a mouse could muster and said..”They will find him Dupre. The Town Guards are a dedicated group, and the citizens will be more than happy to help them with the search. It is their lively hood and lives and stake as well.”

“You are right my little friend, as always” Dupre smiled.”Now, I must plan a meeting with the citizens to explain what must be done, and you know what you must do….”

Climbing down from the table, Sherry scurried to the door.As she headed out he heard her say “Yes Dupre! I shall alert the criers….!”


Event: The Search for Answers

Date: June 20th, 2012

Time: 8pm Pst/ 11pm EST

Meet: Meet with Lord Dupre in front of First Bank of Britannia-Trinsic Branch for further instructions.

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