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The Paintings.

We have been called at the counselors hall.

We all where a bit surprised when we saw Tuan again!

We helped him before when they stole his mind…. ( Read: Help! )


“Good Evening, first of all I want to say thanks for the last time you helped me.

I was not very well this day , and a little confused.

What ever , I want to tell you more about me and how it came that I lost my mind.

I am Tuan the Wanderer , since my youngest years I am traveling around the world to seek adventures.

I’ve never been more than a few months on a place.

There were just a few stable things in my live.

For example , I was a Royal Guard  in Lord British’s army many years ago.

I went with Lord British on many adventures and wars.

During a particular war against Jou’Nar I was the one who made the mortal blow to end his life.

But before Jou’Nar died he vowed a curse at all those who have taken part of his death.

Since this fight , all kind of creatures try to steal my mind!

Since then my live is like a race …

The only hinds , I get , when this happens , are hidden in my dreams.

Course it seems to happen , during the night , and my dreams are telling me who or what and in which ways they try to do it.

Normally I was fast enough , always …

Except the last time…

I am not getting younger , and slowing down…

So I was very lucky to meet you guys!

I am old , and I don’t have the power like I used to have in younger years of my life!

I need to find a way to break this curse!

How ever , Yesterday night , I had another dream …

It was about an artist , who was drawing a portrait of me.

He had red glowing eyes and long black hairs …

I am not sure who he is or where he is…

In the background I saw already a few of my portraits.

So it’s not just one…

I hope you all can help to retrieve them.

If I don’t find them quickly the evil magic within the paintings will become stronger and will leave my mind forever…

My question now is , are you willing to help me?”

Of course we are here to help Tuan again!

“I knew it! Thanks for that already.

So in my dreams when the artist finished his evil work , he took them away and hided them in all kind of places allover Sosaria.

Your mission will be to find and steal them back!

You have 5 minutes to prepare yourself!”

This was a perfect job for my friend Buzzy, she a legendary thief and perfect for a task like this.

I rushed to our guild house and found her in her room.

When i explained what she had too do she smiled and left for Britain.

“I hope you all are ready.

My dream did not give me much information , where the evil artist placed the paintings.

Which is strange course normally i get enough information’s to find the spots.

That shows me that the curse is getting stronger…that they are placed in dungeons , I can’t tell you in which dungeon but it seems to be that they are on all facets and lands.

There are 10 in total!

I will be with you in the General Chat to keep you updated!”

Everyone left Britain to seek in all the dungeons.

They looked everywhere and some paintings where discovered fast.

But some of the paintings where tricky to get and only a legendary thief could get their hands on it.

Emanuel Goldstin found one in the Orc Dungeon but she had troubles getting the painting.

Buzzy hasted her to the dungeon to see if she could be of any assistance.


Even with her great skills it took several tries to get the painting.

But eventually she got it!

This was a nice price for a thief but Buzzy gave the painting to Emanuel , after all she discovered it.

The searched went back on and a call was given that 9 paintings where found.

The 10th painting too but it was in a secret room in Dungeon Doom.

Several people where needed to work together to solve the puzzle to get inside the room.


It took some time before the people finally got someone in the secret room and get the final painting.

It was time to go back to Tuan in Britain.


“All paintings are found!

That’s very good!

I knew you are able to fulfill the mission.

I need to find a way to break the curse , but i don’t know how!

Maybe i should talk to Professor Grimm.

What ever… I need to say thanks for your help.

I will go now.

Have a nice Sunday  evening and I wish you all a good night!



New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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