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The Final!

When Stella arrived at the counselors hall she was determined to help the professor.


It was not something she could do alone but the people of Bloodhaven came to help her.

They explained that vampire blood and tears of dryad would the crystal of illusion.

With no time to loose Stella and the heroes left to the cave.

As always the cave was protected by many spiders.


In no time the cave was cleared of the spider.

It was time to use the vampire blood and the tear of the dryad on the crystal.

With a heavy explosion the crystal shattered in many pieces.

It was time to check on the professor and the telescope in Moonglow.


Grimm was a bit confused at first, so the heroes had to explain to him what happened in the last weeks.

He understood that the situation was bad.

But although he was under Zalindera’s will , he could also pick up some of her thoughts.

She was planning to destroy a major city … Today!

We had to defend the cities… but which one?

It could be Vesper, Trinsic or Bloodhaven.

But before we could fight against Zalindera and her army we had to find in Bloodhaven a way to be able to injure her.

It had to do something with the blood.


Grimm returned to Britain while Stella took everyone else to Bloodhaven.

A ritual was performed.

Everyone had to use their weapons , hands on the blood and even let the dragons drink from the Holy blood.

This blood will be poisonous to Zalindera.

It was time to defend the cities.

A group stayed in Bloodhaven, some went to Trinsic and Vesper.

After a short time to first spiders attacked Vesper.

Only moments later the news came that Trinsic was also under attack.


But it was a diversion from the real attack.

Bloodhaven was under major attack by hundreds of orcs.


Zalindera herself appeared and screamed:


The was the major battle Grimm told us about.

Then many of Zalinderas spiders appeared and several huge daughters.


We could hear the mechanical laughter of Jigsaw in the distance.

And while the heroes had their hands full on Zalindera’s daughters he appeared and started to attack several of the heroes.

We never had to fight Jigsaw himself , so we knew this was a serious attack.

Several people turned their attention to him.

Spells flew to him and hit him very hard, several of his gears dropped on the floor.

In his anger he warned them that if he dies , the dark one would return.

They ignored him and kept blasting spells at him until the machine fell down.


A might roar came from the north, a greater dragon attacked Stella!

It was Alrik who commanded the dragon.

She dodged the attack and knew she had to stop the dragon before it would kill everyone.

But her experience as a bard and mage gained the upper hand on the dragon.

She killed him and then turned her focus on Alrik.

Energy bolts flew in his direction and hit him hard.

Alrik fell to the ground, Stella could finish him….


But she showed compassion, Alrik was badly wounded and he would not go anywhere anymore.

Zalinderas daughters fell.

The Goddess appeared herself , she wanted to try to turn the battle after the losses she had.


This was the moment we waited months for.

Elesil’s death was not fogotten… It was time to end the right of terror by Zalindera and all her followers!

The Goddess defended herself very well.

But her body could not take the many blows from the poisonous weapons and spells and her body crashed down to the ground.

Victory! The Goddess and her followers are defeated!

Alrik was taken prisoner.


Stella and the heroes returned to Britain to meet with Professor Grimm.


The heroes were rewarded with a statue of Zalindera to remember about their fight against her.


While everyone was celebrating a elf in the back appeared.

He said he remembers and his eyes glowed red.

Just like Frarc’s eyes did at the kings meeting the day he was accused of treason.

The elf changed in to the dark robe apprentice that was seen with Jigsaw who broke MJ’s arms and legs.

She jumped next to the professor.

“I remember everything!” she said.

Her eyes glowed red again while she removed her robe.

The professor could not believe his eyes and was shocked to be standing face to face with the Daemon who tried to kill him several years ago.

“I will have my revenge!”

Elesil killed her on Fire Island.

She quickly jumped of the stage and out of the counselors hall.

Stella try to run after her to see if it was true!


The Dark Angel lives!

The dark one has returned, just like Jigsaw had predicted.

Now we know that she is the shapeshifter…Professor Grimm needs to try to talk to the King and clear Frarc’s name.

Alrik was taken to the prison of Trinsic where he will await his trial.

When Stella arrived home she explained that D.A. was back.

I somehow knew because I can sense her evil karma again.

And then she showed me a bag…


Jigsaw remains….

But I was even more surprise to hear what she said after I asked what we should do with it.

She was going to ask Buchel to rebuild him!

This advanced machine could not been trow away and he can be very useful under our command.

With the Dark Angel back among us, We have to be be ready for anything!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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