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The Final Chapter?

Elesil called everyone to the counselors hall.

She found out that Dark Angel and her Army would make a final attack on Drachental.

It was today we had to show our courage against this daemon.

If we did not stop her army now the chance that Drachental will no longer exist after today was big.

We expected her attack any moment.

When Mac ran into the counselors hall yelling that the daemons where attacking the town we knew what we had to do.

Today we would show bravery, valor and honor.

But we also knew that many good people would fall in this fight.

When we arrived at the towns banner several daemon generals where terrorizing the neighborhood.

They where well prepared and proofed a real challenge for the defenders of Drachental.

Then things started to became very dark in town when out of nowhere Dark Angel appeared!

She was instructing her army as a true leader.

She was born and trained for this.

A last general fell and we surrounded the daemon.

Without even one emotion she looked around not bothered that many of her army fell in battle.

Many of the defenders yelled many things to her and even threaten to kill her.

Elesil took place in front of her.

She wanted to know why she was doing this. And why she had to attack professor Grimm.

Dark Angel told her that someone gave her the idea to attack Grimm to get there attention.

That the humans would not let this act go without retribution.

That they would do anything to find her and the cure for Grimm.

Even if this would means to start a war between humans and Daemons.

A war that would never end!

A war she wanted so much.

Her hatred against humans is so much that she even would sacrifice many brothers and sisters for it to achieve her goal.

The annihilation of the human race!

The she told that someone gave her the only cure for the professor and if we wanted it we had to come and find and kill her at her home.

She gave another command to more generals before she disappeared. We quickly took care of those last generals in town.

But i had enough of this.

She been a menace for so long i wanted to make a end to this all.

I wanted to attack her home in Hythloth and finish this. But the town sheriff Horkan said that was a bad idea.

He remembered some words Jigsaw told. The end is the beginning.

Horkan said that attacking Hythloth would only start a war against the daemons. A war we can not win.

According to Jigsaw words to end this we had to go back to the beginning.Where this all started, the cave on Fire Island.

Would she really be hiding at a place we already have been?

Elesil agreed with Horkan.

We would go and look back at the cave first.

She still had runes to the cave.When we arrived at the cave several generals attack us.

Horkan was right, this was the right place.

After killing the generals outside we stepped inside and saw her sitting again at her throne.

She seemed a bit impressed we found out that she wanted to trick us going to Hythloth.

She stood up from her chair and looked at the many people who came to kill her. Her eyes turned black as the darkest night.

“You think you can kill me?” she said. Before we realized it we where trapped inside a small cave.

Two daemon generals came from the bank and she revealed her true daemon powers.

We where trapped in the cave and a i yelled several times to get out of the cave.

Many heroes fell against these insane powers of the Dark Angel.

No one ever witnessed her tremendous power before and where not prepared for this.

Fire island was burning!

But there was no way back. Her strength could only be matched by the Slasher of the Veils in the Abyss.

Slowly we gained the upper hand and what looked impossible happened.

The Golden Daemon fell in front of the cave where we been hiding. The heroes started a celebration on this major victory.

The world and Drachental was free from the daemon threat.

Elesil searched the corpse of dark Angel and she found what she wanted.

The antidote for Grimm!

She thanked the many people who helped the citizens of Drachental to be free again.

But there was no time to loose, she had to take this antidote to Grimm. She will let us soon know how the professor will react on the cure.

When everyone left i took a final look at the lifeless body of my nemesis.

It was hard to believe after all these years she was gone.

I’m not sure if i should be happy or sad.

I understand her hatred against humans.But it seemed we had no choice to kill her.

I keep having this feeling we have been played.

Why did Jigsaw helped us to find her? I thought she was his ally.

Why would he want her death! Some things don’t make any sense.

Farewell my Nemesis. And i hope she will find peace now.

It was time to go home and get some rest.

Several hours later on Fire Island……

Jigsaw appeared near Dark Angels Corpse.

“Fools! They think they can destroy you. They have no idea what you are. But i do!

When there is enough hatred spread in the world again you will rise again as a phoenix. But i do not have the time to wait that long!”*laughs*

*takes out the grey crystal from a bag*

“They had no idea what this crystal is for. A crystal of hatred!”

*breaks crystal on Dark Angels bones*


*The daemon looks around and looked at Jigsaw. *

“Who are you? What happened? Who am i ?” the daemon said.

“I am Jigsaw and i brought you back after a group of loyalists and followers of the evil Queen Zhah killed you.

You are Angelinas Darkheart , protector of Sosaria. The most powerful weapon against evil.

You and i have to work together to bring down this evil Queen and her followers.

And place me back on the throne as rightful ruler of Ter Mur.

Come with me, we have a lot to prepare!”

*Jigsaw gives Dark Angel her black robe*

“Yes Master!” she replied.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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