[EM Event] Taryn’s Travels

February 21, 2014 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

[EM Event]Taryn’s Travels

Taryn Sullivan tossed her pack onto the table, stretched her arms above her head and looked around the cozy room grinning. It felt good to be home. She’d seen some amazing things in her time away and her travels had taken her to unbelievable places but, in the end, there really was no place quite like home.

Taryn chuckled to herself as she wondered if Donal would even realize how long she’d been gone. The scattered books and papers as well as the overturned bottle of ink and shavings from the quills indicated that he’d probably been lost in his research again. She wondered when he’d eaten last as he tended to forget everything when he got engrossed in a new project.

Turning back to her pack, Taryn picked it up and walked into her bedroom to unpack. She pulled her clothes out and put them in her dresser and then moved on to the trinkets collected in her travels. She smiled over each one, carefully placing them on the shelf beneath her window, as the memories poured over her. She couldn’t wait to see her friends again to tell them of her travels and share the amazing sights. Some of the creatures she’d met on her journeys were curious about the humans, elves and gargoyles Taryn called friends. Really, though, Taryn considered them the next thing to the family she’d never really had. They’d been through so much together and she’d missed them so badly.

Taryn reached into her pack for the book of her travels. That would be a good thing to use to plan some excursions. Maybe they could start with the dragon colony. No, on second thought, maybe they should wait a bit as the new little dragons would be just hatching and the mothers would be in super protective mode. The slightest breach of protocol at this point could prove, well…ok, scratch the dragon colony for now.

Taryn stopped her musings to frown as her fingers didn’t encounter the book she knew should be in the bottom of her pack. Concentrating more fully, she turned her pack upside down, dumping the remaining contents onto her bed. She sighed in exasperation. Now where on earth could the book be. Thinking back to when she had last made an entry, she started to grin. Well, of course! That’s where she’d left the journal she’d just bet. And what a wonderful place to show her friends! It was the perfect place to start the introductions.
You are cordially invited to meet Taryn Sullivan on Sunday, February 23rd at 4:00 p.m. Pacific at the West Britain Counselor Hall.

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