(EM event) Setsubun Event 2013

January 31, 2013 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

“Auch! I did….”

Here is Koku Kitchen at Zento city.
Gintarou the Sushi chef Apprentice heal his left finger,as he cut his finger on his sashimi kitchen knife.However he looked happy and he started tolking within the uninhabited store.

“Master! I stay here when you are absent.No no no problem! I’ll show everyone legendary master’s ehoumaki! I am best pupil,am I no? Huhahaha”

City girl go out of the store calmly ,she think he is clazy.
Gintarou cook again with hamming.

Mugen:2/2(sat) 20:00 Jst
Wakoku:2/2(sat) 20:45 Jst
Yamato:2/2(sat) 21:30 Jst
Sakura:2/2(sat) 22:15 Jst

Mizuho:2/3(sun) 20:00 Jst
Izumo:2/3(sun) 20:45 Jst
Hokuto:2/3(sun) 21:30 Jst
Asuka:2/3(sun) 22:15 Jst

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