EM Event: Sept. 26 2013 (Thursday)

September 26, 2013 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

From Sonoma EM Events website:

Daniel tapped his toe as he thought about what to do. Luludja had a premonition that if Natasha died evil would overtake the realm. He had spent hours with Lulu researching the strange crystallized mica formations. Indeed Algenon had been aware of some strange spells and curses that would do this. all required the caster have his soul attached to other charms. These charms could be anything. It seemed that Natasha would have to find all these charms. For now Natasha was in control. She realized she did not want to be overtaken by the Dweller and as long as she could keep control of herself, she would avoid the charms.

He wondered where he should start and finally figured there must be some clue somewhere in the Shadow Dweller’s old hideout..

Come out Thurs. Sept 25 @ 9 ET 8 CT 7 MT 6 PT to help Daniel.
Meet at the West Brit Counsel hall and be prepared…Who knows what might lurk in the shadow of the Shadow’s Lair!

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