EM Event: Sept. 19 2013 (Thursday)

September 19, 2013 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

From Sonoma EM Events website:

Daniel got the note from Natasha. She seemed to think he was her servant since he promised to help her. If it wasn’t for the possibility of greater evil coming back he would never have agreed. Now she sent him another note.

He is getting stronger which is both a curse and blessing. Each time he takes over my skin gets worse. I feel as though my flesh rots in my body. It is a very sickening feeling. However, I also get glimpses of his greatness. The power he held was thrilling. Sometimes I can even control it. Less and less each time but none the less…I have found one of his books. It was left in his cave. the book has many spells but they are all encrypted. I have used his greatness to figure one out. I will need many ingredients to make this… Oh and the alembic you stole from me. If you can make some of these potions it should slow down the effect of his DNA.
Be quick about it

Meet Daniel at the West Brit Counsel Hall to find clues to where the Charms are hidden 6PT, 7MT, 8CT, 9 ET

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